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Looking for a zombie hunt, zombie walk, zombie meet, zombie paintball, zombiecon, zombiefest and other zombie events near you in England: Northern East Anglia (Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk)?  Scroll down this page and you will see the aall of thoses in England: Northern East Anglia (Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk), sorted by county. ALWAYS call before you go to confirm the info, they don't always report changes to me!

Zombie paintball, zombie walks, zombie-cons and other zombie-related fun are all fairly new, so they don't yet exist in all parts of each state. Help us find them; if you know of one we missed and want to add it or correct the information, please let me know! There are affiliate links on this page. Read our disclosure policy to learn more.

Updates for July 2024

July: Zombie events are most commonly held in September and October, but there are some at all times of the year. Zombie Paintball is about to start at some paintball venues maize mazes, pumpkin patches and farms. They usually start opening in mid August.

Zombie events, by county

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  • Combat Paintball Ltd - Zombie Paintball
    Thetford Forest Plot 2010, Roudham Heath, Thetford, England, UK. Phone: 0845 260 4567. Phone: 01842 769112. Alternate Phone: 07802 493885. Email: Open: EVERY LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH. COMBAT ZOMBIE GRAVEYARD is a floodlit night game Located in the insanely creepy Thetford Forest. Upon arrival you will undergo a crash course bootcamp including a briefing on the situation, weapons training, then time to suit up and head out into the zone. Your mission - locate and rescue a group of missing scientists and discover the cause of the outbreak and if possible...stop the plague. Armed only with a paintball gun and all the guts you can muster, the ZOMBIE GRAVEYARD will push you to the edge....and maybe over! Our Site is complete with a 2 storey church, crypts and coffins this floodlit zone in Thetford forest provides the ultimate location for a night of zombie paintballing. If you wish to visit our site in dayligh you can play our other exiting zones including:
    Tank Tastic
    Holy Grail
    Black Hawk Down
    Fuel Dump
    Football Frenzy
    Hockwold Hall, Station Rd, Hockwold cum Wilton, Brandon IP26 4HZ, UK. Email: Open: SUNDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER 2017.Directions: Hockwold Hall is ideally located, between Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. The Zombie Evacuation Race is a 5k fun run designed to give you a one-off experience you will never forget. Our events take over well known landmarks and turn them into zombie infested lands that if you did not know better could be mistaken for real life zombie infestations. All runners or evacueesstart with 3 lifebelts and your aim is to prevent those merciless zombies from hypothetically biting you 3 times and transforming you into one of their own! When you reach the safe zone at the end of the course you will be recognised as either a survivor (with at least one life belt) or infected (no lifebelts). Survivors receive the coveted survivors medal and the infected receive their infected medal and our taken to the neutralisation zone to be terminated! In 2017, The Zombie Evacuation Race brings you the "Apocalypse in East Anglia". A BRAND NEW venue has been overun by the zombie contagion and the course has been riddled by 100's of Zombies - after a rogue Zombie made its way to the venue un-captured by the RAZOR Squad in 2016. The Zombie set about infecting the inhabitants of Hockwold and nearby villages. There have been reports that the vast woodland at the venue has been over-run, with zombies leaping out and feasting on unsuspecting passers by. Further reports show a hoard of neon toxic zombies living in a part of the hall itself. There is news developing that there is a group of RAZORs gathering nearby, ready to take evacuees to the safe zone, with a date being set for Sunday 17th September 2017. If you believe you have what it takes to outrun the Zombie hoards, dodge the undead and save Hockwold Hall, then sign up now.




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